Since its very beginning, Paratissima has always been in constant search of something different from what can already be found in the contemporary art circuit. Our mission is to encourage young artists or creative talents and try to put them in the spotlight. This is the idea behind Paratissima's many  peculiarities:

  • we are a bottom up project aiming to create an open collaboration among people, not a top-down institutional event;
  • if contemporary artworks are only available for galleries and institutions, we welcomes artists without the need of intermediaries.
  • The submission fee we ask in order to participate to our event is just a contribution for the setting up of the exhibition. We want to keep the price of this entry low to make it accessible, to allow as many people as possible to get involved in our project.
  • Paratissima is open to everyone who applies. There are no restrictions based on age, gender, nationality, academic background or workfield.
  • Even though we are a non-traditional contemporary art project, we try to be a useful link between the emerging creative talents and  the “gatekeepers” of the contemporary art system: collectors, curators, galleries, critics, experts, companies, art and cultural istitutions. Because this is the only real way to help people transform their passion and skills into a profession.



The best way for us to turn our purposes into reality is, of course, to work in an international framework, creating our own network while respecting our philosophy and  being coherent with our cultural mission.

With this goal in mind, after 10 years in Italy, we decided to set up a new Paratissima event in Macedonia, in the middle of the Balkans: the first edition gathered about 40 artists, in the second one participated almost one hundred creatives coming from 23 different countries. The direct link between the two events makes it possible for us to promote several international exchanges among artists and creative workers from Italy and Macedonia.

With Lisbon joining our project in 2016, this exchange platform will be growing again, creating a link between Eastern and the Western Europe.

Paratissima is now a very easy way for every emerging artist to be part of an international network that will help them with their career.