What is Paratissima?

Paratissima is an international network of contemporary art events devoted to the support of emerging artists and new creative talents open to every form of art, culture and creativity.

Why Paratissima?

Paratissima views art and creativity as a social and collective value which should not be available only to some authors and audiences but to the whole specter of those who take interest in creating it and admiring it.

It connects existing networks in the cultural and creative sector giving them an opportunity for collaboration and ignites the growth of new, organic networks in line with the innovations and needs of the current cultural and art markets.

When and where is Paratissima?

Paratissima is an annual event that is organized in different part of Europe: each June in Skopje, Macedonia, each july in Lisbon, Portugal and each November in Turin, Italy. The exact dates and locations are published annually on the official websites of every event.

Our idea is to expand the network of global locations by creating hubs of Paratissima. We welcome all collaborations with potential partners who are interested in spreading the concept!

How and who can participate at Paratissima?

To participate at Paratissima you only need to apply when we publish the open calls for participation.

There is no selection for participation at Paratissima - everyone who applies can participate. There are no pre-qualifications in terms of age, gender, nationality, academic background or field of work.

Every events are open to international authors and organizations. We encourage the participation of all authors and organizations, regardless of their geo-location.

Is there a fee for participation at Paratissima?

Yes, each author is charged a fee for participation at Paratissima. The cost/fee for participation is published with each open call for participation.

The fee that the artists are charged for participation covers the costs of the services provided by Paratissima, some of which are: basic setup materials and tools, running costs of the structure, adaptation of the space, technical assistance, installation and rent of equipment, inventory, promotion and overall event logistics.

Does Paratissima cover travel or transport costs?

No, Paratissima does not cover travel or transport costs for the participating authors or organizations.

What do artists gain by participating at Paratissima?

All the artists who participate at Paratissima Skopje:

  • have an equal exhibiting space to present their work (see the website of each event to get more details about it)
  • have absolute liberty to choose what they want to present and how they want to present it
  • receive assistance by the artistic direction and technical staff during the event
  • can sell their artworks during the event to interested buyers
  • are published in an online artist database on the official website of the event
  • are published in a catalog of the event
  • are published in the official program of the event
  • are promoted and distributed through the event’s marketing and communication strategy
  • are included in the network’s database and receive news, updates and information on opportunities for professional development at international level
  • All artists are accredited and can participate in the event’s workshops, lectures, contact groups with galleries, curators, art collectors, media and networks.

At the end of each Paratissima, a selection of winning authors is made by a jury. The jury and the reward are different each year and are communicated on the event’s official communication media.