Paratissima is a project created in Turin (Italy), its aim is to foster and support emerging artists and creative talents, giving them the opportunity to join an international network where they have a chance to promote themselves, to sell their works, to meet other artists and creative workers and to improve their skills and knowledge.

We are now located in Torino (Italy), Lisbon (Portugal) and Skopje (Macedonia); we collaborate with other cultural organizations in Europe and Asia and we are looking for other partners in Europe and all over the world!

It’s really easy to join Paratissima… it depends on what you are looking for (see the section below!)


Paratissima was created in 2005 as a simple joke. It all started when some guys from Torino decided to set up an exhibition in an empty apartment in the city center, involving their artist friends. The exhibition was open to everyone interested in showing their works, without any kind of selection. The artists who joined this initiative were about fifteen.

About ten years later, in 2014, this exhibition has become one of the most important contemporary art happenings in Italy, and since 2012 it is the most visited Italian contemporary art fair.

Every year more than six hundred artists and creative talents are involved in Paratissima. The art fair is now held in huge areas, occupying 15 thousand square meters.

In 2014 we started a second annual event in Skopje, Macedonia, and starting from 2016 we’re going to launch our third annual event in Lisbon, Portugal.

From the Atlantic Coast to the Balkans, that’s our way of keeping Europe together, in the name of art and creativity!